Mercury The Planet second inline after Sun in our Solar System but rules all sort of communications . If we put a light on it historically, we find that in In Greek mythology, Mercury (Hermes) was the winged messenger of the gods. Mercury symbolizes all things related to communication. Its rulership is of the masculine sign of Gemini, the sign that governs the 3rd house in the natural zodiac. Mercury also has rulership over the6th house sign of Virgo, the feminine sign that rules the other functions of the mind that analyzes, defines and discriminates.

As Mercury is symbolized by the planet of the mind it is also represents the planet of youth. It is in our early childhood that we learn to speak and to assimilate information, but as with a child its attention span is very short therefore, it represents early education and not higher education. Mercury governs everything we do to communicate with our voice or written materials whether it is computers, telephone conversations, books and media. Mercury’s position in your chart shows how you think, reason and express yourself. Mercury never stops collecting data for you and transmits that data to your central nervous system by which your eyes, hands and breathing collaborate. Mercury also rules language that is concealed such as our ideas, private thoughts and opinions.

Since every human on earth have different time, place, year and of course birth dates when  they were born so the Planets in each Natal chart have different impact upon the different personalities. Generically we will take the pointers of the nature and behaviors of Planets and Signs. Now just recently Mercury has just commenced  its transit in its own (ruler) sign i.e. Gemini though this transits occur every year but this time it has gained the immense  importance since the SOLAR ECLIPSE on 21st of May 2012 fall on zero degrees Gemini, means just the starting degree of the Communication sector. Little background for those who are not aware of astrological magnitude of the mega event -the Solar System.

Astronomically, people only see the moon intercept the Earth and Sun blocking either complete or  Partial rays from the Sun creating the beautiful ambiance which is enticing for photographers. But Astrologically A solar eclipse occurs at the time of the new moon when both sun and moon occupy the same degree of the zodiac. Having the sun and moon in the same area of your chart suggests that the energy will be amplified and directed to matters governed by that house in your birth chart. A solar eclipse signifies a fresh start which can also bring about radical change, like a new chapter beginning in your life. The effects of a solar eclipse are shown in the outward expression of our circumstances and can present us with very exciting and joyous developments. What develops due to a solar eclipse will be visible to you and others in your life. On the other hand, if a solar eclipse afflicts planets in your birth chart, the message of the eclipse could present a challenge that must be overcome before something new develops. The Solar Eclipse of May 2012 has inevitable importance as this is first eclipse in 5 years which has fallen in the initial degree of the sign creating a fresh and soothing effects on it compared to eclipses occurred previously which had an aggressive behavior and resulted in a way upside down situation for many,depending upon the degrees it fell in one’s chart.

Now about the most awaited lines ..referring to the subject which I am sure you would be waiting. As mentioned above,  Mercury enters Gemini on 24th of May 2012 there is much for all the people who are into communication business. Most importantly for people who are in a course  of writing a book and planning to sit down and not letting your pen down this time,  so its the best time for you …make use of it!! as all the hurdles have changed their ways as Mercury is giving its best energy to indulge yourself into the world of ideas and transferring your thoughts to others, lighting a fire under brain and sparking your mental alertness. Your mind will go into overdrive, and your tongue will quickly follow suit. Things may move so quickly that you lose a little common sense, but at least you won’t be bored! Again a very good opportunity for those who wants to scheduling to publish your books or written material… its an awesome time  for you! For those who have a lot of pending articles , writes-up, scripts etc waiting to be penned down, will get smooth flow of time of available now plus …. Not only that, for the extra sweet topping on your work , Jupiter, the planet of expansion will join Mercury on June 11 which will help to launch your unfinished projects related to the Electronic media, great moment to put your work ON AIR. People involving in broadcasting, print/electronic world would feels obvious and sudden rise in their careers. Luckily Everything will be in Gemini this month, the sign of twins, so you may be getting TWO pieces of good news, not one! If you are born between 22-27 of May then you will be most affected with the Solar Eclipse positively.

Of course, People who are born in the sign of Gemini are more  blessed by God this year compared to those in different signs, with much abrupt  astonishing occurrences , some have already tasted the fruits but who didn’t …so don’t be dismayed  as the month has just begun…

Will get back with another startling transits…till then Good luck!! :) (: