“Hey! finally you are baptized to be a formal karachiite” – someone posted a comment to the person who was announcing on a social website about being “Mugged” –

Almost every alternate day we hear one’s story about being mugged on social, print or electronic media in Karachi and it has become so much normal these days that we have become insusceptible to it. I always pondered about one’s feeling about this bustle and tried to put my feet in the shoes, but always failed – until and unless it was time to say action & que to my my scene.

Last night after a delicious dinner and yes a bit over eating I decided to walk towards the popular and  much visited cafe in Clifton area for tea with my friends around 10 and since it’s a residential area the street soon becomes almost desolate around 9 – usually becomes ripe for thugs.

“Hurry up! Just run and be here” my friend called on my phone, I wanted to rush since I was already late and without realizing negative factors I just took a risk. I am in a habit of reciting “Ayatul-kursi” whenever I leave my house and by the grace of Allah have always been protected. Despite hastening I didn’t forget it.

Since few political and police dignitaries resides in my apartment project too so I’ve always find many security guards and police mobile vans just outside from the grand entrance till half a meter away so as soon as I crossed that zone I just spotted 2 guys on a motor bike under the tree as if they were waiting for their target and despite of low visibility I could easily see them. Keeping my pace normal as I walk further towards their direction, realized that  it was too late running back when I saw them coming nearer and intercepted me.

“You are gone now…Allah! Please help” I said to myself. Within span of 500 microseconds I calculated my worth….expensive mobile, watch, 5k cash which I had to handover etc. I was imputing myself for the absurdity but again it was too late. Of course I did not have any plan for resistance which could’ve cost my life. But then the help came.

When both of them came very near to me and tried to block I could see the one sitting back was covered from face carrying a gun. I don’t know what was making them stop proceeding, though I was on high alert. It was like the time has clogged for few minutes along with my breath. Taking an opportunity I changed my course a little bit and was successful and proximately took a left where one TYRE WALA was operational and luckily a guy with a Honda city was getting his tyre air filled. Immediately. I took an asylum to his tiny place. Looking back, I saw both guys were still standing waiting for me to start walking again so that they can try their second chance, constantly staring.

“It’s still not over and have to do something” I said to myself. Though it’s difficult to seek help from strangers especially in Karachi for many reasons -we all know, still I had no option so impulsively engaged the guy who was about to leave. “Excuse me! I know it’s weird but can you do me a favor?” Astonishingly he looked at me. “Please can you drop me to cafe (which was almost quarter km away) as both the guys are after me and wants to mug me?” He instantly responded “what if they start following me? I thought in a way he was right and why he would trust me as he could think that it could be a part of the plan and in return I could’ve mugged him too…

When i was about to lose hope he somehow empathized and out of the blue said “get in”. A person who seemed rude at the first glance and showed reluctance to help. Till the time I didn’t reach the cafe I was in different frame of mind and literally forgot to say proper thanks to him. All I got to know was his name – Karim. I wish I could take his contact details so that I could’ve asked him if he has reached safely. I hope if by any chance if he manages to read this blog should contact me.

The mystery which left me unanswered was what were they thinking, speechless looking on my sides rather in my eyes as if they are seeing someone standing with me and didn’t ask for anything and didn’t even resist while I changed my course, and not made them walk behind me again as if they were scared of something or someone despite carrying a visible weapon. ….. Though! don’t you think it was difficult for them? But I believe it was a great help by Allah.

In the end all I wish and pray may Allah save everyone from these kind of incidents because it’s not about financial loss only but it’s more about one’s precious life. Weapon doesn’t speak any language!

Take care & Cheers!!