Malaysian Boing 777The shocking disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 has captured the attention of millions around the world as the search for the airplane and its passengers and crew continues. What happened to the flight’s 239 passengers and crew after the plane left Kuala Lumpur on Saturday? It is becoming an increasingly desperate question as the days pass.

But it’s hardly the first mystery of its kind. While it’s extremelsearchy rare that a flight simply vanishes with barely a trace, aviation history has seen its fair share of enigmatic disappearances and unfortunate flights that literally flew off the radar. The last one was Air France Flight 447: An Airbus A330 flight from Rio de Janeiro to Paris plunged into the Atlantic Ocean in 2009, killing all 228 passengers and crew on board. But it took a full five days for search and rescue teams to find the wreck and another three years for investigators to report that ice crystals had caused the autopilot to disconnect. But the 777 had not had a fatal crash in its 20-year history until the Asiana Airlines crash in San Francisco in July 2013.

So far according to the Malaysian authorities that the search area has been increased to 50 nautical miles, from 20, anmapd includes 34 aircraft and 40 ships. Aircraft are conducting 12-hour searches, until sundown, while ships are scheduled to continue the search throughout the night. I inquired to the Defence Ministry via their official Twitter account several times upon not using Submarines into the search operation as they could play a pivotal role for underground search for which they replied that submarines were not suitable for detecting contacts on the sea bed. It is only good for detecting and searching for moving underwater contacts that produce sound, such as the sound of engines, movement, and radio or sonar transmissions.


Instead of concentrating to find the vanished plane the whole world  were debating on the 2 passengers who were travelling on the stolen passports on the suspect of Terrorism ( which is always the first and foremost intuitive factor so that it could be tagged as one) . A high-ranking military official involved in the investigation confirmed the report and also said the plane was believed to be flying low. Few authorities said the plane changed its course and revert back to Kuala Lumpur. Some victim family members are claiming calls to their lost loved ones return ringing cell phones few of them said maybe somebody on the flight has bought a huge sum of  insurance, who wants family to gain from it or somebody who has owed somebody so much money or plane itself committed a suicide etc. Chinese satellite showing the debris in the Gulf of Thailand and latest is the plane might have travelled far till Indian Ocean and to the border of Pakistan and India. Whatsoever nothing could be confirmed until some concrete evidence is determined.

natal chart


Among numerous technical factors leading to the mystery of the lost plane MH370 in the air -off the radar I calculated an astrological natal chart for the departure time of Flight which was 8th March 2014 at 12:41 am Malaysian Standard Time to see another aspect through Astrological science to determine the event. I know all of them would not be able to digest this information properly but would be able to have a thought provoking  idea, though it’s a very elaborate study but will briefly explain specific to this incident.  Conferring to the chart the flight which was bound to China has Sagittarius Rising sign (called ascendant too) on the eastern horizon (Sagittarius is sign which rules long distance travelling, foreign settlement etc.) The ruling planet -Jupiter is in Sign Cancer and in the 8th house (This is the house of secrets, mystery, other people’s money, taxes, debts, loss, transformation etc) The ruler of Cancer is Moon — which we find exactly on the western horizon which mean Moon was setting down and was losing power. So in number of ways this chart makes contact with the horizons in a negative way. The ruler of the ascendant disposes the ruler of the 8th which we find setting. This calculation showed the evidence of mystery element in it.  Considering this aspect we can conclude that search operation can be further prolonged till an indefinite time.

6 days have been passed but so far no clue for the debris could be found on possible locations in the wide ocean. The anguish and resentment among the family members of victims is mounting day by day as they are preparing for the worst. Still we do not want to mislay any hope for any miracle to happen, not to forget that the chances of lives are diminishing. Let’s pray that may God give the strength to the families to endure such a huge loss.