“Protest near US Consulates for the Blasphemy committed by American-Israeli Film Maker all over the world”.

“You Tube refused to remove all the videos against Islam”

“Muslim world condemning the act of Blasphemy by banning social media sites to avoid agitation”

Yes! These are all the news headlines  we’ve been hearing and reading throughout the news channel and all from other media since the day the West yet again poked Muslims world on the sensitive topic by committing a heinous crime -using sanctified personalities of our religion Islam. This is not the first time the western world has plotted a rage against Islam. Previously Denmark was also involved in portraying Prophet Muhammad in cartoon characters. Whenever these crimes are stanched  the whole Muslim world united themselves protesting like a “Jihad” but unfortunately it all ends up by destroying their own assets and above all injuring and killing themselves but Super powers remains silent and never took any action against the person/organization of the country involved. 

This time the movie, “Innocence of Muslims,” was produced by Sam Bacile, a 56-year-old California real estate developer who has said he’s both Israeli and American. The film depicts Muhammad as a fraud, womanizer and madman. This film was previously called Innocence of Bn Laden It is an anti-Islamic film, extracts of which were posted on You tube According to one of the consultants to the film, it was a full-length feature film that was shown only once to the public—to an audience of about ten people at a rented theater in Hollywood, California. Film excerpts of about 14 minutes in length were uploaded to You Tube in July 2012, with the titles The Real Life of Muhammad, and Muhammad Movie Trailer. Trailers dubbed in the Arabic language were uploaded in early September 2012 and spread by Egyptian-American blogger and Coptic Christian. On September 8, 2012, an excerpt of the You Tube video was broadcast on Al-Nas TV, an Egyptian Islamist  television station, previously suspended for “promoting religious or sectarian hatred.Violent protests against the film broke out on September 11 in Egypt and Libya. The protests spread to Yemen and other Arab and Muslim nations over the following days and included attacks on U.S. consulates &embassies  . A military-style attack on September 11, 2012 on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya that resulted in the deaths of U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans, may not have been a spontaneous protest due to the film, but rather may have been planned in advance, according the U.S. and Libyan officials.

Besides all the Muslim countries Pakistan has also played important part in condemning the whole situation. But when we speak to the protest in Pakistan especially, things always gets to different directions and rather too emotional. It has been observed that people who should actually get involve in the protest like Maulvis and people from different Islamic organization cannot be seen on road- infact totally different people of different ages, seems mostly rented or even hired are brought to the fore front protest who gets involved in destroying assets and creating a commotion which usually leads to injuries and killings sometimes.



The following picture portrays the best what exactly West is currently doing to us.

Coming to the main point which I want to underscore is our religion Islam is easiest religion to follow. It is our people who are making it most intricate and complex. With reference to the context Allah has assured the protection of Islam and His Holy book by himself in several places in Holy Quran. Reverting back to the time when Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.AW) was spreading Islam and its teachings many people tried and did numerous abusive act to distract him from dispersal the religion of Allah but still we have an example of his patience where he always prayed Allah for the right direction of those people rather than demolition.

At first we should see that all of these acts are being spread by non Muslims. Of course they will not be having the same holiness as we have it in our hearts. But despite of all we are not saying that we should not condemn this intolerable impertinence. We should record our grievances in polite and adequate manner. An example can be taken from the following picture showing no burn, no sabotage, best expression in front of the American consulate In Casablanca-Morocco, a civilized reaction in response to the abuse of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW)..These are true prophet’s morals.

By all these hazardous protests we are giving fuel to the West to continue their grimy obsession to tear down our sacred religious morals. Being a Muslim one should even avoid publicizing the exploitation being committed because in this way we are disrespecting our Holy Prophet ourselves by discussing, finding and even seeing those abusive materials again and again. By protesting ferociously, first, we are assured that we will not be able to stop the non-Muslims from repeating this act, secondly in this way we are giving opportunities to some hidden forces to act bluntly by taking a front cover. Thirdly this would be best time for the Islamist politicians to polish their politics and we should not let them.

Most of the Muslim world including Pakistan is involved in blocking the social media websites in protest. In my opinion blocking the sites won’t stop people to block the blasphemy. We can take the example from the fact that when White house request You Tube to reconsider the decision to remove all the anti Islamic videos they simply refused. No apologies have been received so far from the western world for the wicked act. Has anybody realized that US on one side is spending heavily to curb the terrorism and on the others side not stopping any act which is igniting Muslim world?? Many profound questions can be raise on this point.

In the end I would like to say that Islam is not the small or weak religion that needs other support to make it live.  This religion is based on the strongest pillars and these pillars cannot be shaken with these acts. As I said above Allah has given surety for the protection of its existence.  What we can do is to follow what Allah has asked us to do…not something Allah has not asked us.

Long Live Islam!